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A Skittles evening was suggested to take place on Saturday 17th November by Phil and Jean Hardy,  our Social Secretaries and it was run by Marian Preston. (Unfortunately Phil was ill and could not attend). Twenty seven people participated plus Sylvia Hume who came to support her husband John.

 We had 3 rounds of 3 ball throws each, with prizes for 1st & 2nd highest scores. Ted Puffett won 1st prize with Ron Newell coming 2nd for the men. The ladies 1st prize was won by Beryl Milson and Marian Preston came 2nd. Booby prizes for lowest score were won by Steve Meredith for the men and Chris Bevan for the ladies.

There was an excellent Fish or Chicken and Chips supper provided by the local shop, very hot and tasty, enjoyed by all.

 After Supper we played Killer. Each player had 3 lives and just gets 1 ball to see how many skittles they can knock down, if they miss then they loose a life, Roger Webb and John Hume were last to fight it out with Roger winning the £24 prize. Our stickers up were Marian’s Grandchildren Ella and Jenna who did an excellent job keeping it going at quite a good pace.

 Everyone said how much they enjoyed the evening and presented Marian with a beautiful bouquet , which she was delighted with.