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No particular skills are needed, and no previous dancing experience of any kind is necessary. Provided that you know (approximately) your left from your right, you can learn to Square Dance.
Although Square Dancing is a 'couple' activity, 'singles' will always find a welcome at Clubs, and many new and lasting friendships have been made. Some ladies like to learn to dance the man’s part, so as to be able to even up any mismatch of couples. It is sometimes difficult to persuade men to have a go, but once they’ve tried, they are often even more enthusiastic than the ladies.
Square Dancing is inexpensive. An evening's Square Dancing at your local Club will normally costs around  three pounds, and this usually includes coffee! If you really want to spend some money, you can always splash out on a fancy outfit, but this is not essential.
American Square Dancing is found in many countries, and the  calling is always in English.  Quite apart from the thousands of clubs in the USA and Canada, there are clubs in most European countries, (with a very great number in Germany and Austria), and in the far East - Australia, New Zealand , Japan and China.  In England, there are over a hundred and sixty clubs from Cornwall to Kent and from Dorset to Yorkshire, plus a few in Wales and  just one in Scotland.
Once the basic moves have been mastered, there are opportunities to travel to other Clubs' dances and their 'Specials' - usually Saturday dances with a Caller from another part of the country, (or another part of the world). Square Dance weekends are also popular - there is one somewhere nearly every week - with a top-notch Caller, dancers from all over the country, and accommodation in a hotel, holiday park, caravan park or college etc. The more adventurous can find whole weeks of square dancing - in this country, on the Continent, in the States or even further afield..
Square Dancing can become addictive
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Learning the Basic moves of American Square Dancing does involve a level of commitment over a few months, usually with weekly classes. Most people find this a very enjoyable experience, with the opportunity to meet others who are learning.