Centre Squares, at Winterborne near Bristol, dance Mainstream and Plus on Tuesdays with Colin Pett calling, and dance the A programme on Mondays to tapes.
Thornbury Squares, near Bristol dances Plus on Wednesdays and Mainstream on Thursdays,. The contact for Thornbury is Sue Elliott, who is  a mine of information on clubs in the UK and Europe
Trailblazers is the youngest of our local Clubs, being formed in 1993 by Malcolm Mace who had been calling Country dancing for many years.  Corinium Squares helped with the final phases of teaching through the Mainstream programme, and the club’s first graduation was held jointly with Swinging Squares at Cheltenham.  Malcolm is still the club’s regular caller, and they meet on Tuesday evening in Melksham.
There are several other square dance clubs in the area.
Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM
All Square Dancers are heartily recommended to visit the Palomino website (formerly Hanhurst’s) at  which is full of international information on Clubs, Callers, Music etc. etc.
The main website for all UK square dance clubs is now at   This site is full of information about Square dancing and lists all UK Clubs with their location and dance times etc.  It’s well worth a visit.
An interesting site, with lots of Square Dance videos can be found HERE
The oldest (and closest) of these is Cheltenham Swinging Squares,which was formed in 1957, and meets on Friday evenings at Holy Apostles Church Hall in Cheltenham.  Their regular caller is Colin Pett.
There is also a local get-together of  Callers three times or so a year at Wooton under Edge.  This is the West of England Regional Callers’ Assembly .   Dancers are welcome at the afternoon sessions of their meetings.   WERCA organises a multi-Caller dance each year, to give local callers an opportunity to call to a large floor of dancers. See their website at

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