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why you should try
American Square Dancing
Get Happy
Get Healthy
Get Square Dancing

It’s FUN for all ages  -  Children too, so long as they are old enough to stay up until around 10 in the evening.

It is good gentle physical and mental  EXERCISE.  An evening’s dancing is about the equivalent of a 3 mile brisk walk, and the mental stimulation is even more beneficial.

It is   INEXPENSIVE,   an evening’s dancing at a local Club costing  three pounds  (and that includes coffee / tea and biscuits!).

FRIENDSHIP:   Because Square Dancing is done in groups of eight, with four couples,  sharing the same music and movements, friendships develop rapidly.

Although Square Dancing is a relaxing activity, when you can ‘chill out’ and leave all the day’s problems behind you, it also offers the   CHALLENGE   of moving in response to the Caller and in time to the music and flow of the dance.

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